JULY 17-21, 2024
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Open Show

Open Show Rules and Regulations

Superintendents: Char Greenzweig and Becky Meyer

General Rules for all Divisions

  • $1 entry fee per item
  • All Open Class Exhibitors must reside in Floyd County
  • Entries will be accepted Wednesday July 17th from 4pm -6pm in the Youth Enrichment Center
    • No pre-registration neccesary
  • Judging will take place Wednesday July 17th from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
    • The area for open class will be closed to the public during judging
  • Exhibit release time is Saturday July 20th from 5pm - 7pm
    • Any awards will be forfeited if any part of an entry is removed before release time. This also applies to entries left after release time.
  • Ribbons awarded for all entries.
  • "Best of Show" will be awarded to the top exhibit in each division
  • "Best of Show" will be awarded to the top exhibit in challenge classes
  • Open Class exhibits do not advance beyond the Floyd County Fair
  • Superintendents have the right to:
    • Re-categorize any exhibit
    • Remove any exhibit or part that is unsightly
    • Arrange exhibits for display
  • If there is no competition within a class, the judge and superintendents shall decide which placing shall be awarded
  • Entries cannot have been exhibited at a previous Floyd County Fair.
  • Any protests must be made in writing, signed and turned into the Fair Office by Thursday July 18th at 11am. The superintendents and Fair Board members will examine any protests and settle them by 12pm that day and no further hearings will be held.

Division 10 Horticulture (Flowers)

  • Exhibitor must grow all specimens
  • Additional rules for class 10-A (Cut Flower):
    • Exhibit will contain 1-3 stems per specimen
    • Specimens shall be displayed in clear bottles
    • Specimens may have some foliage
  • Any vase/pot/design accepted for classes 10-B to 10-E

Class 10-A
Class 10-B
Class 10-C
Class 10-D
Class 10-E

Cut Flower (of any specimen)
Arrangement of Cut Flowers
Single Specimen Potted/Hanging Plant
Multiple Specimen Potted/Hanging Plant

Division 20 Horticulture (Other)

  • Exhibitor must grow all specimens
  • Exhibits are to be displayed uncovered on heavy paper, plastic, or foam plates of suitable size.
  • Produce shall be clean from dirt. Do not wash or peel.
  • Additional Rules for 20-P (Horticulture Container Display):
    • Must include a minimum of 5 specimens
    • Containers may be a basket, box, etc.

Class 20-A
Class 20-B
Class 20-C
Class 20-D
Class 20-E
Class 20-F
Class 20-G
Class 20-H
Class 20-I
Class 20-J
Class 20-K
Class 20-M
Class 20-N
Class 20-O
Class 20-P

Cabbage (1 Head)
Cucumbers (4)
Green Beans (10)
Onions (3)
Peppers (3)
Potatoes (4)
Sweet Corn (6 Cleaned Ears)
Tomatoes (3)
Carrots (4)
Other Vegetable
Apples (5)
Grapes (2 Bunches)
Other Fruit
Horticulture Container Display

Division 30 Sewing

  • Exhibitor must have made all exhibits

Class 30-A
Class 30-B
Class 30-C
Class 30-D
Class 30-E
Class 30-F
Class 30-G

Sewing - Clothing
Sewing - Other
Quilts - Hand Quilted
Quilts - Machine Quilted
Wall Hanging / Table Runner - Hand Quilted
Wall Hanging / Table Runner - Machine Quilted

Division 35 Needle Arts

Class 35-A
Class 35-B
Class 35-C

Hand Knitted / Crocheted
Cross Stitch / Counted Cross Stitch

Division 40 Photography

  • Exhibitor must have taken photos (No Professionals Allowed)
  • No restrictions for editing photos, other than must be done by exhibitor
  • Photos may be black and white or color
  • Photos must be no smaller than 4X6 and no larger than 11X14
  • It is suggested that photos be mounted on foam board or matted, but not required
  • No frames allowed

Class 40-A
Class 40-B
Class 40-C
Class 40-D
Class 40-E

Landscape / Buildings
Animals / Nature
Photo Challenge Class - 2024 - Scenery from Floyd Countyd
Theme will Change Each Year

Division 50 Culinary

  • Recipes must be included on a note card
  • All baked goods must be on a disposable plate in a plastic bag
  • Additional Rules for Class 50-G to 50-J:
    • Foods may not be tasted, but will be opened
    • Must include the date canned
  • Additional Rules for Class 50-K (Preserved Food Display)
    • Jars will not be opened
    • Display will be judged on creativity and uniqueness
    • Display container may be a basket, box, etc.
    • Must contain a minimum of 3 different canned goods

Class 50-A
Class 50-B
Class 50-C
Class 50-D
Class 50-E
Class 50-F
Class 50-G
Class 50-H
Class 50-J
Class 50-K

Quick Breads
Yeast Breads
Rolls / Muffins (Plate of 4 - 6)
Cookies (Plate of 4 - 6)
Canned Vegetables
Canned Fruit
Canned Jams / Jellies
Canned Other
Preserved Food Display

Division 60 Hobby

  • Any exhibit made from a kit must be labeled as such
  • Is your craft/hobby unique in some way? Maybe there is something extraordinary about your item. Attach a small note of explanation for the judge. Do Not put your name on the cards.

Class 60-A
Class 60-B
Class 60-C
Class 60-D
Class 60-E
Class 60-F
Class 60-G

Jewelry / Beadwork
Ceramic / Stained Glass
Drawings / Paintings
Paper Crafts
Hobby Challenge: 2024 - Paper Crafting
Theme will change each year

Division 70 Just for Kids

  • For children ages 12 and under
  • Exhibitor has the option of competing in the Just for Kids division or any other open show division
  • Follow the same rules and guidelines listed in the open class divisions

Class 70-A
Class 70-B
Class 70-C
Class 70-D
Class 70-E

Horticulture (Flower)
Horticulture (Other)
Sewing & Needle Arts


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